Corporate culture

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  Cultural building is the core of enterprise development, and is persistent power of enterprise progress. Xingguang Group uses loyalty and filial piety as basis and soul, and by effective measures such as discussion on realizes 24 kinds of filial piety realizes: To pursuit loyalty and filial piety on families, loyalty on enterprise, honesty on customers, quality on products, undertaking on society, brother and sister on employees. The group regards "building modern Xingguang and creating long-history enterprise" as grand prospect, forms unique Xingguang culture, promotes times task of integrating enterprise culture with brand building, advocates enterprise concept of "regarding honesty as basis, quality first, customers foremost and contributing the society", promotes developing enterprise by culture, expands enterprise culture connotation, and promotes sustainable development of enterprise.
  Xingguang Group's four-stress:
  Stressing quality, stressing safety, stressing discipline and stressing development.
  Xingguang Group's four-don't:
  Don't need any employee without caring for the elderly, don't need any employee that discards his wife, don't need any employee that wears outlandish dress and don't need any employee that involves pornography, gambling and drug abuse.