Leader’s Speech

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Deputy of Dezhou People's Congress and Labor Model of Dezhou City
Outstanding Builder of Cause of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
Special Contribution Award for Socialist Economy Development
The Fifth Leling People's Good Public Servant Award
Leling Harmony Model
Dezhou Second Class Merit
Dezhou Outstanding Entrepreneur
Shandong Top Ten Honest Entrepreneurs
Since establishment in 2004, our Xingguang Group uses auxliary operating mode of promoting large industry, large storage and large logistics by large trade, sets up one new company every ten months averagely, builds one new project every five months, and creates "Xingguang speed" with reality edition by unremitting endeavor for 10 years. We will actively implement three-three-one strategy(i.e., majorly developing three sugars: sucrose, biological sugar and functional sugar; three-storage: sugar storage, grain storage and coal storage; one heat: heat and power congeneration project), form unique core competitive power, and lay solid foundation for realizing one hundred-year Xingguang dream.
Sharp knife is formed only by ten years' sharpening. Xingguang Group realizes perfect conversion from without to with and from week to strong. Current Xingguang Group becomes more attractive and charming. Standing at new starting point of history, we more treasure present achievements, and brave new challenge. Looking at the present, we bear the mission and are full of ambition; looking forward to the future, we are ambitious and vigorous. Xingguang is willing to cooperate with people of all circles to  make joint development and to create bright future.