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  Xingguang Sugar Group Co., Ltd. is located in Leling City Economic Development Zone, has a unique advantage; at the junction of the Hebei and Shandong provinces, city, Shandong Province's north gate and the main Beijing portal. Convenient transportation: territory and had to wear de foreshore high-speed, the new Beijing Shanghai high-speed, Delong smoke railway and four provincial highway, is closely linked to Leling and Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, Beijing Fuzhou Expressway, the port of Tianjin, Jinan airport, 40 minutes to the provincial capital Jinan, 70 minutes to Tianjin city, 2 hours to Beijing, the capital. Policy heights: is the "yellow triangle", "Bohai", "a yellow one circle belt" composite belt on the regional node type center city!
  Industrial Park fully functional, fully automated production line from R & D to one-stop production and adequate cogeneration energy, sewage treatment and environmental protection facilities complete, gas, electricity, heating, water supply pipe network supporting, production, trade, logistics, warehousing, four wheel drive, biogas power generation, residual pressure power generation, heating, MVR energy efficient is the geomantic treasure ground of one cultivate high efficiency, high speed, high tech enterprise!
  Group of stars in the Star Industrial Park, founded in June 2004, is a collection of raw sugar refined sugar, corn deep processing, cogeneration of heat and power, the production of caramel pigment, sugar reserves, logistics, real estate, new building materials, bonded warehouse and development of science and technology is equal to one of the private enterprise group!
  Under the guidance of the establishment of leadership at all levels, the community's strong support, we focus on the "national quality first, creating international brand products", adhering to the "people-oriented, scientific management, to the quality of survival," the purpose, in the planning management, focus on product quality continuously improve, in the pursuit of credibility, promote the integrity of the market to expand investment, increasing the size of the project in the scientific development, energy saving and environmental protection, comprehensive benefits continue to improve!
  To promote the industry, warehousing, logistics supporting operation mode to big business, to quickly integrate into the the Yellow River delta efficient ecological economic zone construction as an opportunity to the enterprise, the "three three one" project for the framework (i.e., focusing on the development of three sugar: sucrose, sugar, biological function of sugar, sugar, grain storage: three storage, coal storage, a hot: Cogeneration Project) to strengthen scientific management, and cultural construction, to create a hundred years of enterprise core competence as the blueprint, to increase investment and enterprises listed as a platform, to extend the industrial chain and the development of circular economy, to create new technology and human resources to ensure the production, sales, quality, safety, efficiency, service, brand, etc. factors for measures to achieve racing together bridle to bridle, the project investment over one billion consecutive three years, the main business income of over ten billion goal!