Xing Chang said "Sorry to have kept you waiting!"

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Xing Chang said "Sorry to have kept you waiting!"

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2017/02/28 09:45
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Dearfriends:Hello!      Shouldtheneedsofmarketdevelopment,XingguangGroupR&Dcentercarefullycrafted"xingchang"seriesofproductshavebeenofficiallylistedinFebruary20,2017,includingthexingchangoligomericfru
Dear friends:
            Should the needs of market development, Xingguang Group R & D center carefully crafted "xingchang" series of products have been officially listed in February 20, 2017, including the xingchang oligomeric fructose syrup, xingchang oligosaccharides and xingchang small main.
 First, product introduction
            Xingchang Oligosaccharide(slurry):
            Product specification: 225g (15g*15 bag / box)
            National unified retail price: 68 yuan / box
            Xingchang oligosaccharide syrup is regulation of intestinal micro ecological balance of a product, can improve the intestinal flora, promote the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, because of imbalance of intestinal flora caused by constipation, diarrhea and other symptoms, maintain intestinal health.
            Xingchang oligosaccharides:
            Product specification: 135g (9g*15 bag / box)
            National unified retail price: 99 yuan / box
            Xingchang fructooligosaccharides is for "three high crowd" carefully built a gut health products, can regulate the balance of intestinal flora, maintain intestinal health, smooth star fructooligosaccharides is star free fructooligosaccharides (pulp) high purity, used in intestinal conditioning process, not absorbed by the body, so at the same time due to the high blood lipid, hypertension arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases have a good effect.
            Xing Chang Small main:
            Product specification: 135g (9g*15 bag / box)
            National unified retail price: 106 yuan / box
            Xingchang small main, focusing on the balance of female intestinal flora. Also there is a high purity fructooligosaccharides modulation, probiotics can stimulate the proliferation and restrain the growth of harmful bacteria, reduce toxins deposited in the body, to increase bowel detoxification, detoxification effect.
            Two, solicitation letter
            In order to celebrate the "xingchang" listing, will be invited to invite 100 founding members.
            1, where a one-time purchase of any of the three products can enjoy the box of the 20 percent off preferential activities, and become a founding member of the star Chang, Chang Chang founding members can enjoy a lifetime of 20 percent off discount. A limited number, to sign as soon as possible.
            2, collection activities ended, 100 xingchang founding member list will be published in the Shandong xinguang Sugar industry Co.,Ltd. WeChat's official website and the public number, number of public official website and WeChat xingchang.
            Three, Xingchang, invite you to write xingchang Growth Diary
            Xingchang, is a group of young people have ideals, chasing the dream start;
            Xingchang, a very young brand, need more space and growth opportunities;
            Xingchang, you will be able to contribute to my gut health.
            Please remember me ---- xingchang of low fructose.
            In order to better let the xingchang smooth into the consumer's life.
            We invite you to write the xingchang grow diary......
Xing Chang official website: http://www.xingchangfos.com/
Xing Chang shop site: https://shop191562219.taobao.com/index.htm? Spm=2013.1.w5002-15710858949.2.y3ZBIX
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