Star-shaped oligofructose

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Star-shaped oligofructose

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Xingchang low poly fructose increases beneficial bacteria in the intestine
Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria
Significantly improve the proportion of microbial population in the intestine. It is an activated proliferative factor of Bifidobacterium in the intestine, which can reduce and inhibit the production of spoilage substances in the intestine, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and regulate the balance in the intestine.
Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria
The mechanism by which oligofructose inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria is that oligofructose can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria such as bifidobacteria, and then the beneficial bacteria can produce short-chain fatty acids, while short-chain fatty acids can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestinal tract.
Improve intestinal micro-ecology
Intestinal microbes account for 78% of the total microbial biomass of the human body, so it is called the largest micro-ecological system in the human body. The oligofructose has a very significant "two-way" regulation of the intestinal flora.
Star-shaped oligofructose
Net content: 135g
Ingredients: oligofructose
How to eat: It is recommended to drink in warm water or add to drinks such as juice, tea and coffee.
Shelf life: 18 months
Storage method: Store in a cool, dry place.
Tips: In the initial stage of consumption, there may be symptoms such as venting, increased bowel movements or pours. This is a normal phenomenon that excludes harmful substances in the intestines. Continued consumption, the above phenomenon will gradually disappear.
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